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The Love Story was created by Anna and Kirsten, wedding professionals who love helping couples put together their perfect, romantic, intimate elopement wedding.

Put simply, we love elopements - because of their intimacy, authenticity, and because they're beautiful!


Maybe you want to elope because you don't want a big wedding; it's just not you and doesn't reflect you and your relationship.

Maybe you want to avoid drama?

Perhaps you want an adventure?

Whatever your reason, eloping is an intimate, special way to to get married on your own terms!

Who are we?

Kirsten is our wonderful Photographer who loves spending time with family, eating chocolate, and binge watching Netflix.
Her belief is that kindness is the most powerful gift we can share.


Check out more of Kirsten’s work at Kirsten Smart Photography


Anna is our fabulous Celebrant, who loves dumplings more than is reasonable, travelling, and her family.
Anna wants everyone to have a wedding that’s perfectly them.

See more about Anna at Anna the Celebrant

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